#beproud urges dental professionals to share their ‘good’ achievements

#beproud urges dental professionals to share their ‘good’ achievements

National Smile Month sees the launch of a new campaign aimed at highlighting and supporting the
dental profession’s greatest ‘achievements for good’.

The ‘beproud’ hashtag will come into force in the coming weeks as the dental profession and
industry celebrate the daily good work of colleagues, customers and friends whose actions they
think are worthy and provoke the feeling of being proud.

Mark Topley, Founder of Dental CSR Certification, the business behind the #beproud campaign,
explains more:

“It’s humbling to know our profession is achieving and doing so much for others and the
environment but also a great shame to see these same individuals holding back from sharing their
stories, as if by highlighting this it somehow undermines the original intention. This campaign is a
way to break down this barrier, to create a safe space to recognise the good and selfless decisions
being made in dentistry and to encourage and inspire more goodness in turn. At a time where the
news is breeding negativity, it’s about time we heard about more of the good. It’s what people want
to see – did you know that 90% of your patients and team now expect you to do good as part of
running the business?”

Dental CSR Certification encourage all practices to #beproud of their good decisions and to share
their positive stories on social media, celebrating everyday heroes. For example, it could be
recognising the efforts of a team member who consistently goes above and beyond with their
patients, the impact of the money your practice has raised so far this year for charity or recognising
someone who works in your local community.

We want you to share your stories and we want to feel the pride behind your words − because all
good work, in whatever format, should be celebrated and this is the time to shine the light on the
people you respect and admire. Everyone loves a pat on the back – be an encourager.
The #beproud campaign kicks off an exciting month for Dental CSR Certification as the company
gets set to launch a new set of standards that recognises dental practices’ commitment to doing
good – for their people, their community, and the environment. This is achieved via three levels of
certification (Bronze, Silver and Gold) depending on the level you are at in your Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR), while motivating teams to aspire to that next stage of recognition.

The #beproud campaign sits at the heart of Dental CSR Certification, where the daily good work of
the dental profession and their pride in sharing it is celebrated.

To take part, all you need to do is share your story on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or LinkedIN
with #beproud and link to the Dental CSR social media accounts – @dentalcsr. This may be via
one dedicated post or through a six week social media campaign, giving you the option to post
weekly or even daily providing the freedom to recognise all those individuals who should #beproud
of their achievements. At the end of August, Dental CSR will select one practice for a free CSR
consultation, during which Mark Topley and his team will be on hand to advise and support you in
your journey to CSR certification.

For more information on Dental CSR and the certification that will become available very soon to
dental practices in the UK, visit www.dentalcsr.co.uk.

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