COSHH Assessment 2015

COSHH Assessment 2015

Q. I am looking for some help with our COSHH Risk Assessments.  Can anyone recommend a good COSHH management solution to help me control our COSHH risk assessments?   I would also like to hear from anyone with tips or advice for carrying out these risk assessments, and where I can get the relevant information for all substances.   Any help or advice would be appreciated.

A.Do you order from Henry Schein at all? They have all there COSHH information online that you can print off.

A.Dental directory has all data sheets on website

A.Your dental supplier should be able to give you all the relevant info and will probably have a program with them all on.

A.We are members of CODE Confederation of Dental Employers they advise of any changes in compliance etc. and have various ways they can help. They’ve been long established and I can recommend them.

A.We use CODE icomply, it does include all the CQC requirements as well as COSHH but helps to make the whole process much more manageable.

Almost all product information can be found on the internet if you search under the product names, if you have lost the leaflets. The BACD also has some useful product safety information sheets.


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