Legionella Risk Assessment 2015

Legionella Risk Assessment 2015

Q.Who do you use for your legionella risk assessment and how much does it cost?

A.We use Brodex it is now £135.00 a year but will be more expensive for first year. Phone no 01704 834477

A.We use Bison Environmental. It cost £378 inclusive of VAT for our 2nd year check

A.Hi there, we use Reef based in Cornwall. It was somewhere in the region of £300.

A.At my practice we use safety shield solutions and have for years, very helpful and they now do all our electrical checks as well. It was 250 plus vat

A.We use Oakleaf Group. Cost is about £250.

A.We use a company called Bison Assist 0800 862 0066

Legionella risk assess     225.00.
Water sampling    30.00
Water sampling for pseudomonad     50.00

All + vat

A.Interserve we pay quarterly £45 per month (although they are a bit slow on the admin side)

A.We've used Jacqui Goss at YES! For the last two RAs. Cost is somewhere between £250 and £300 from memory. Thorough inspection and comprehensive report.

A.I use Bison Environmental, It’s around £250 every 2 years. Very comprehensive and sensible, I would recommend them. And you get a free water thermometer for your monthly audit.


June 2015

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