“No dogs except guide dogs” Policy

“No dogs except guide dogs” Policy

Q.Does anyone have a policy in place about no dogs in the premises except Guide dogs. Really need some advice on this as we have a lady who brings her Chihuahua in a bag into the practice.

A.I know what that feels like… It's like the "smelly food" situation.

With the exception of Guide Dogs (obviously) perhaps the "allergy" card could be played to keep it out the building.

A.We had a similar situation. Offered to look after the dog at reception but mad dog lady wanted to take it into the surgery. We put a No dogs but guide dogs sign up after that, but she wanted us to put her dog in our garden and sit with it. You just can't win with some people.

A.Oh goodness whatever next? A few years back I had an issue present on a guide dog in surgery. I sought lots of advice & our local PCT at the time

Confirmed dogs not allowed in surgery guide or other. After many chats with the partially blind parent of a patient we came to a solution

We saw the patient in our downstairs surgery, at the point they went into surgery the guide dog came and sat with me in my office.

This worked, however to answer your original question – we don’t have a policy. It’s a sensitive area & I personally think needs individual consideration.

A dog in a bag is a no no surely?

A.Just get a guide dogs only sign for front door and write a policy of a few sentences stating guide dogs only. It affects Cross infection control!

A.Yes guide dogs only policy. We have a hook outside the front door and ask people to tie their dog up there (or bicycle). It’s your practice you make the rules. You can also say it is a health and safety issue – which in fact it is.

A.Tell her to take it out or she won't be seen


August 2015

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