Replacement autoclave

Replacement autoclave

Q. I have just condemned my DAC autoclave to the great decontamination suite in the sky and need a replacement. What could you recommend? I don't want another DAC, it was temperamental and broke down a lot but I think it was the only machine that lubricated and sterilised. Please let me know if you have a happy relationship with your hand piece decontamination equipment and what make it is.

A. We have had DAC's for a number of years. The old ones broke down a lot we even had the inside replace at the factory.

We could not find anything similar on the market. We purchased the newer version

2 years ago and it has been serviced twice and have not had any problems with it.

I think the fact that it has been serviced by a DAC trained engineer has helped greatly.

A. This is the hand piece steriliser I was recommended. 

The Assistina 3 x 3 by W&H. I bought from Henry Schein but I'm sure DD sell it too.


Feb 2014

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