Restraint Policy

Restraint Policy


Should we have a restraint policy in place for CQC compliance? If so, does anyone have a policy draft I can work from please.


Please find attached a link which was provided from our PCT in Northampton which covers restraining patients, it's very informative and all staff can register and download certificates once completed. Please type in the top bar.

Once you have the page up you can register and login to course with codes below:

For Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults please enter HXTEVE.

For Mental Capacity please enter RTPSWY.

For Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards please enter HSHFG.

If you are unable to use this link I would advise speaking to your Safeguarding Adult Lead at your local PCT and she/he should be able to provide you a source or training for your clinic.


Our policy is that we would not restrain a patient.


The BDA guidance "Care Quality Commission Essential Standards of Quality and Safety” is a wonder full document! It identifies:

  • Underpinning legislation
  • States the CQC requirements
  • Provides suggestions on what you might do to comply
  • Suggests how you might demonstrate
  • Identifies sources of useful information

They have done ALL the work, have a look what they say under 'Safeguarding and Safety'.


I would suggest going on the BDA CQC toolkit. It has templates for all the policies you would wish to have including Outcome 4 compliance recommendations. There is not a template for a restraint policy but I am writing my own. This outcome seems to be a hot topic for the CQC inspectors in our area so I am covering every angle.

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