Sick Pay & Performance Bonus

Sick Pay & Performance Bonus


1. Do you pay company sick pay and if so how many days?

2. Do you use performance related bonuses/pay? If yes how does this work in practice?


1. No we don't. There are three days without pay, then SSP is paid.

2. Yes. Pay extra per attendance at each each implant. Pay extra if qualified ohe – £5 per patient seen. Pay extra to be keyholder etc.give tesco vouchers at Xmas if year has been good

3. Pay an extra increment for each qualification passed eg OHE, radiography etc, if the practice decides we need that qualification at the time/


In our staff contracts we pay 5 days sick over the year on a pro-rata basis for part timers.

No performance related pay though just an annual pay review in Jan. We do give 1 extra weeks holiday if the staff member has been in the practice for 5 years and a £45 per month loyalty bonus.


We pay SSP for the first 2 weeks of any illness then full basic pay for a further 10 weeks. This cuts down on people abusing the system by taking an odd day off her and there but it does provide security to staff members if they had an illness lasting a number of weeks. If an illness lasted over the 10 week period staff pay would revert back to SSP.


We pay sick pay after 2 years of employment. 1 week fulltime pay and 1 week half pay. We don’t do any performance related bonuses but it might be something to look into in the future.


We only pay SSP – no company sick pay. We do pay an attendance bonus though of £50 per month for full attendance.

We pay a performance related bonus at year end which is tied in with performance reviews where the staff are rated 1-4 (1 being poor and 4 being exceptional)

1 No bonus

2 £100

3 £150

4 £200/£250 based on the level of exception.


As well as SSP entitlement where applicable, we pay our staff an annual attendance bonus.

They can have 6 days' paid sick leave per year, but if they have not used all or some of those days, they are paid as a bonus in the December wages. EG. if someone has had 2 days' sick leave in the year, they will receive 4 days' attendance bonus at Christmas.

It's worked well over the years and sickness rates have dropped dramatically.


We used to pay sick pay, however we found the girls were taking advantage of it. We changed their contracts to state they would receive 3 days paid sick in any 12 month period, then SSP. This has drastically reduced the amount of sick days.

We also used to give performance related pay. The girls loved this as they came out with some fantastic bonuses, however the year the business lost money they kicked up a huge fuss as we were unable to pay them a bonus, so we reverted back to pay rises. In effect if the business losses money should they take a pay cut!


I manage a practice in Eastbourne and we have about 20 staff. We pay 5 dayssick pay and any more would be statutory sick pay. But what we also do is a bonus for no days sick. Any nurse, receptionist or myself, if we do not have any days of sick we pay 1 weeks’ pay in January (just great after xmas). If they only have 1 day off we half it and 2 days we pay a third. It’s very popular.


We don't have any company sick pay at our practice. It is strictly a case of if you're sick you do not get paid unless they are entitled to SSP when they've been off for a few days. I know this may sound harsh but, it really cuts down on the amount of time the girls have sick. If they know they're not going to get paid suddenly that cold/flu doesn't seem so bad! We went through a patch where girls seemed to be ill on a Monday or Friday.

This has also improved since we introduced return to work interviews. Keeping an attendance record shows up any patterns of sickness and faced with a "chat" when they return to work also seems to deter them from having a long weekend.

We don't use performance related pay/bonuses. We tried this once when we were having some backstabbing between some of the girls. How naive were we! As soon as they received the bonus they returned to backstabbing. We do occasionally allow someone the odd afternoon off paid if they’ve performed really well. This also works well when we have too many girls when a dentist is off and we need someone to take time off. Hope this has been of some help.


Before I was manager and looked into it, the staff would take up to 3 days paid – often several times in a year, so some staff had 14 or so paid days off in a single year! This, combined with the cost of agency replacement was rediculous.

On looking at their contracts, it was actually worded 3 days PER ANNUM!( If they had been employed longer, it goes up to 5 days.)

So that is what is now implemented.

Interestingly I asked this very question at a meeting last year, and many many practices pay nothing. One or two reported that they did give sick pay, felt taken advantage of, so withdrew it, and the number of days sick reduced dramatically!

The response varied from one practice who gave 2 weeks per annum – not many of those – to many who gave nothing.

A sick pay policy template is available in the Template section.

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