Gain foundational dental knowledge to help you succeed in  non-clinical dental positions with the BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry.

Gain foundational dental knowledge to help you succeed in non-clinical dental positions with the BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry.

A special offer is now available from the British Dental Industry Association (BDIA) for ADAM members who want to improve their knowledge to help them in their careers in

non-clinical dental positions.


If you are working in a non-clinical role in a dental practice, for example, an administrator, treatment coordinator, receptionist, office manager, marketing executive, or if you manage a team of people who are, then you’ll want to read this!


Working in the dental industry in non-clinical roles and coming from a non-clinical background can be challenging due to the vast number of dental procedures, materials, terminologies, and treatments available. It can take substantial time for staff members to familiarise themselves with the basic knowledge that is required to work with dental professionals, regardless of the role. Handling customer consultation calls in a dental practice or organising orders for dental supplies or scheduling a diary of patients for a dentist, all these roles require a level of understanding in order to complete the task. It can also be time consuming and expensive for a business to train staff up to have this level of understanding for them to be efficient in their role. No longer is this the case with the BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry. 


Ideal as part of company introduction training or for longer-serving members of staff who may want additional training, the course offers candidates a perfect balance of essential knowledge required to succeed and drive results for the business in which they work. Students complete an online learning experience that is designed to fast-track knowledge and understanding over 11 modules based around oral anatomy, dental treatment, equipment and an appreciation of the work of the dental team and profession. The BDIA Certificate: Introduction to Dentistry can assist ADAM members to build knowledge and provide dental insights that could help drive results for their business.


The BDIA has come to a special agreement for ADAM members to offer an exclusive 15% off the BDIA’s non-member pricing of £300 + VAT. Bringing the cost down to £255+ VAT for ADAM members. 


The BDIA is the UK’s dental industry trade body. Since 1923 its members have been working closely with the dental profession and dental teams to provide the quality, innovative and dependable equipment and services that are needed day in day out. As BDIA members are bound by a comprehensive professional Code of Practice, bespoke training and a common vision, choosing to do business with them means that the dental team can have confidence that they are choosing a supplier that they can trust.


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