Treatment Co-ordinator

Treatment Co-ordinator


I'm looking to introduce the role of Treatment Co-Ordinator within our practice and wondered what experience you have had of this within your own practices.

I'd be grateful of any advice or tips you are willing to share with me.


We were one of the first practices to introduce this role, the training was with Glenys Bridges. In the first 6 months we made an extra 36k. It's an excellent role.

I wouldn't dedicate it as a separate role but incorporate it into a competent employees role and uplift their wage.

Our treatment co-ordinator was trained so that patients can make separate appointments with her, but we feel that doesn't work, you gain more business through offering the service whilst the patient is already in the building. Hope this helps.


We have 2 Treatment Co-ordinators who look after all our new patients. It enables us to focus on the new patient journey and capture every aspect of what happens from first contact through to outcome. It has also enabled us to drive up private income by 1/3 in 9 months! On days when we have no new patients, they can nurse or do follow up’s.

Attached our Job Description for you but have to say, it’s the best thing we ever did!


November 2011

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