Uniforms Supplying

Uniforms Supplying


Does anybody have a protocol for the suppling of Uniforms, i.e. how many do Practice’s issue a year, what happens if someone puts on / loses weight, is the Practice responsible for providing and paying for new ones?


We tend to buy the jackets for nurses and reception when they join the practice. Staff supply their own trousers. We do not replace the jackets yearly, if they are getting worn and look tatty we would replace them. If the staff member loses it or damages it they would pay for a new one.

One of our receptionists lost quite a lot of weight and we paid for a new reception jacket for her but she has worked here for 4 years so her original jacket was looking quite worn.

We are a small practice and tend to look at each circumstance individually.

When we change the style then we would of course replace everyones uniform as well.


We issue 5 tops and 5 trousers once a year (usually Jan). If there is a need outwith this time, ie different size, we issue them and use the ones not in use as spares. Again, for pregnant employees, we issue appropriate sized uniforms. The girls were asked a few years ago what they wanted to wear and they opted for scrubs, These aren't that expensive and therefore we haven't had much of a problem. The dentists and hygienist all purchase their own dental jackets and wear what they like. This hasn't lead to any problems. We don't have a 'corporate look' but we aren't that much out of pocket.


We supply all our nurses with 5 uniforms for summer and 5 for winter (theses are a bit thicker material, with room for a neat vest top underneath for extra warmth when needed.)

The nurses buy their own trousers, as the fit is more crucial, and we then re-imburse them.

They have an annual allowance for this, so that if they spend too much on 1 pair, they don't get all the £ back.

If someone's weight changes dramatically, I would suggest that they fund their own new uniforms, but if the keep the weight off for, say, 6 months, they could be reimbursed.

We have a fairly stable team, but we do keep the uniforms if anyone leaves. We only replace uniforms as required, not routinely every year.


We have always supplied uniforms to staff as required. It has never caused us a problem as yet.


We just issue replacement/new scrubs when needed. As we tend to have an assortment of sizes in a box we have been able to supply anyone who has put on weight (doesn’t seem to have worked the other way?) with their new requirement at no extra cost. If they put their badges in the wash they have one replaced but any other mishaps they have to pay themselves.


We tend to provide at least 2 tops for full time staff. Unfortunately because you want people to properly kitted out it is best to cope with the weight gain by still giving them uniforms. We also recycle old uniform with new staff ie they get an old one along if it is available in their size with the new one we provide. Uniforms always remain the property of the practice and it is always tidier that way.


We provide new uniforms twice a year for all the staff. We provide for every day they work so they have no excuse but to look tidy. The girls are the face of our business so we want them to look smart all the time.

We provide 3 sets (pro rata for part-time staff), no it would be the individual responsibility to replace if 'grown out' of them, unless due to pregnacy of course.


Our Company allows Bank Staff and anyone under 18 hours per week – £70 per year

Staff over 18 hours per week – £100

They have to buy the items first and provide receipts and then the money is refunded

We would not be responsible for weight gain/loss and this is made clear at the interview stage

We are an emergency service with 25 staff


Our protocol for uniforms is done on a yearly basis, 3 tunics and 2 pairs of trousers for full timers and then it goes down depending on how many days they work.

I have made it clear though, if they lose them or put on weight then they are responsible for replacing them.


May 2012

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