Formal Chaperone Training

Formal Chaperone Training


We have recently had our CQC inspection. He asked to see if our Chaperone Policy, which was fine but then he asked what formal 'Chaperone' training we had done and suggested an accredited course may be a good idea. I would be interested to see what training other practices have undertaken, if any?


I was not asked to show a chaperone policy!


I’ve never done any chaperone training apart from in house when we discussed in a practice meeting what was expected from both clinician and nurse so no one was ever left on their own but formal training we’ve never done!  Unfortunately some of the inspectors are from care backgrounds where it is a formality for care homes etc to do formal training in this area.  During my cqc inspection I was grilled for 2 hours on safeguarding – I think he felt comfortable talking about this


This is the first time I have heard of this!

Our own inspection with CQC didn’t flag this up either.  I am puzzled as to what training (accredited or otherwise) could be done for this policy.   From my own policy is sets it out clearly that the purpose of the policy is to state that training and understanding has already taken place with regards the protection of patients (and staff).  This includes the protection of vulnerable adults and children right through to confidentiality.  I am sure your policy is worded very similarly to this.  If that is the case then CPD etc., has already covered your team if these points have been covered.  Why then would you need another course for something which I only in existence as a demonstration of compliance to all the other policies/guidance/legal requirements?


Wow, I find that quite unbelievable.

In light of his comments, I would be tempted to email him or ask the CQC quite what they suggest.

I think you would have a hard job finding a course, let alone an accredited course in Chaperone Training that was actually relevant to Dentistry.


October 2013

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