Online Booking Systems

Online Booking Systems


Does anyone use an online booking system, in particular AppointMentor?

We are currently looking at these systems and would be grateful for any feedback.  Has anyone encountered any particular problems?  Are you pleased with how it works, and has it eased the workload from the receptionist?

I would be grateful for any feedback.


We use the software of excellence online booking system for exams and hyg recalls. It works very well and has certainly eased the reception workload.


We use SOE, it's not without its faults, and patients constantly book for treatment in a slot available for check-up which leaves them short of time. They don't seem to get the "new patient" being one who has not been seen before as opposed to a new booking!  I think time will improve it, when it works as it should its great,   however you still need someone dedicated to check the online bookings each morning so it doesn't save as much time as you'd hope.


We use SOE on-line booking system but it can only be used for recall appointments and new patients.  Existing patients with treatment OR who do not have a recall date cannot book on-line.  This means that it is limited.

There is a limit to time settings so it is not ideal but we have not had many problems but we have not had that many booking either.  Probably about 25 in all over 4 months.

We were told that it takes a while about 12-18 months to get patients on-board with the system.

We are trying it as it is another service that we can offer.  Costly so we will review in 6/12 + 12/12, interestingly it has appealed to young and old which has surprised me.  


November 2013

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