Setting up a Facebook Page for your Practice

Setting up a Facebook Page for your Practice


We are thinking about creating a facebook page for the practice.  Could anyone give me any advice on the best way to set up a practice page – my initial research suggests that you are unable to set up a business page if you already have a personal facebook page.   Are there any ways around this?  What have other practices done to over-come this? Can anyone offer any tips or advise on the best way to set up a business facebook page for the practice?


We had help from ApexHub and we do have a business page 


I set up my practice FB page a while back, I also have a personal page and another hobby page, so there isn't an issue with having multiple pages.  I can't recall the process however, but all by pages show on my FB home page.


To create a business page, you do need to have a personal account. The way i try to describe the difference between them is you "add a friend" and you "like a business".

You need to be logged into your personal facebook account and then click on this link –

From this page, you choose the type of page you want setting up. Once the page is set up you can then add the profile image (i recommend you have this as your company logo.) This needs to be a square image otherwise it doesn't always display correctly. The cover image is the same as your own personal account. This is a set size, but facebook allows you to move it around to fit.

You can then edit the rest of the page, so adding your practice address and contact details, website address, open hours, etc.

When you set the account up, you can assign multiple admins of the page. so for example, our own company page we have 3 members of staff all have control to make posts on the page.

There are other things you can do differently with business pages over personal pages. You can schedule posts to appear on a set time and day. Once you have 25 likes, you can also give the page its own url so for example our page is

I think after 30 likes, facebook keeps a track of how many people see your posts as well.


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