Emergency Procedure Leader

Emergency Procedure Leader


Medical Emergency Procedure’ we have 2 dentists, they are both in 4 days a week and I feel they should attend any emergencies and the nurses stay with their patients, but who is to be the leader….are most PM’s leaders and who do they delegate to when they are not their as I am only there 5 hrs a day.


Whilst the whole team undertake medical emergency training, all our Dentists and Orthodontists play lead on a medical emergency (depending where it happens/which surgery)

The nurse will act as assistant or runner, depending on what is needed.

Surely the dentist should take the lead with all team members in support.

In your annual medical emergency training this must be discussed and everyone know where the drugs kit etc. is kept and the protocol for evacuating the practice in order for their paramedics to do their job on arrival.

Who wants to be in court to say they were in charge and not competent to administer adrenaline?  while a dentist was on the premises .


Usually the PM will take the responsibility of arranging Medical Emergency Procedures.  We allow one afternoon a year when we have a professional come along and run through all the emergency procedures whilst checking our equipment and showing and reshowing how to use it.  The practice receives a certificate as well as everybody who attends.  I am happy to recommend him to you and his details are below.  I cannot recommend him highly enough:

Mr Phillip Howarth
020 7806 4020


I would make it a policy that the receptionist call ambulance if needed and co-ordinate patients 1 dentist and 1 nurse attend to the patient and request additional help if required

As a practice manager if you are in attendance at the time I would take the lead and make sure that the staff are doing everything correctly and make sure it is all documented

We have a large practice and there was a really bad accident outside our practice last summer, a girl aged 11 ran out in front of a car – you heard the thud of her – all of the 13 staff worked so efficiently – luckily we had 3 ambulances 2 fire engines and the air ambulance, one member of staff went to the doctors opposite and the doctor did not have a clue

If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of our principal taking charge of the child she would have died, together we were co-ordinated and we're extremely proud of the staff even if they were just holding up a sheet to stop the onlookers


May 2014

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