Setting up CCTV in Practice

Setting up CCTV in Practice


We are thinking of setting up a CCTV camera in reception/waiting room area (only) at our practice.

I just wondered if anyone knows what the protocol for setting up a CCTV at dental practice is. Are there certain guidelines we need to be aware off? Do we need to make patients aware that premises are CCTV monitored? How do we do that?

And in general is this something that may make our patients/staff feel uneasy? Does anyone have any experience in this situation? As a safeguarding precaution, are we allowed to have CCTV cameras in surgeries (clinical areas)?


As far as I know CCTV is not allowed in the surgeries. Waiting areas and reception are fine but you need to display signs that CCTV monitoring is in progress. Not sure if you need a special licence though.

March 2014

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