Q. Can you ask other members if they have to have an asbestos certificate, or an energy efficiency certificate? During all the various inspections we’ve had over the last 25 years, no-one has ever asked for one, but one of the partners is having a valuation done and the company is insisting we need one!

A.The only time I've been asked for an asbestos certificate was when I asked workmen to replace our ceiling tiles in one of the surgeries. Small fragments of the tiles were sent for analysis. We had to wait for results before work could commence.

Don't know anything about energy efficiency certificates in regards to dental practices.

A.We have an asbestos certificate – this was required by our insurers a few years ago. We had to have a asbestos survey and inspection carried out. From memory it cost a few hundred pounds.

No energy efficiency certificate but that sounds similar to what you have to do with domestic properties now.

A.I own 5 practices and a lot of rentals

We have to have an Asbestos Certificate done and an Energy Efficiency Certificate for ALL of them

I think once you have them done, they last for a certain period of time

If Asbestos is found to be in the property at all – and sometimes it is, then it’s a case of getting in the correct people for removal and disposal

A.We have both in the practices. Never been asked for them though.

A.Re the EPC look here. If it is has been done before it may be available to download using this link. If not this site also allows one to search for someone who can come and carry out this survey. From what I understand and EPC is now compulsory.

Regarding the asbestos… From my experience, if the property in questions has Asbestos then the seller will need to get a certificate to say it is safe and that is has been labelled. There is no avoiding it.

A.We have an energy certificate as we needed one when we had an expansion, however it does cost a few hundred pounds to carry out, and has come in handy for other information and compliance for energy to be able to show it..

Each business has individual needs so it’s not something you can share is the only downside.

No asbestos certificate as our building was purpose built in the last 10 years.

A.We recently had an asbestos assessment done by a company called Bison. 

They inspected accessible areas and did a report, ours was prompted by British Gas engineers saying that they weren't supposed to do any work until they'd seen our asbestos risk assessment. 

It cost about £250 but I haven't had a chance to fully review it yet. I may be able to forward it to you as an example for you to see if it's what you're needing. 

A.Our practice changed hands last September, we had to have an asbestos certificate but, not an energy certificate. I expect each company is different. 

A.Yes we have a EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
They are valid for 10 years

A.yes we do. If you are a landlord you have to provide one.
If you are a new build then you don't need the asbestos certificate.

May 2015

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