CQC Matrix 2015

CQC Matrix 2015

Q.What matrix everyone is using for their CQC policies and evidence outcomes at the moment as we currently have a 2 draw filing cabinet with first draw being policies and procedures and second draw being evidence and its sectioned into outcomes, just after the new outcomes and sections- hope that makes sense, I have attached what I am currently using so it makes more sense.

A.Thank you very much for sharing this. We have something similar but without listing it in a sectioned way to outcomes.

We have a metal cupboard housing all of the polices with a laminated list of the p&p’s taped to the inside of the cabinet. On that list is the updates – we write those on & update the computer version. Our outcomes can then be traced to and by our updates/audits etc. We keep all of these on a shared drive on our computer for all staff to update their own particular section. The whole team has their individual responsibilities for these which we mix up from time to time to ensure all staff are competent within all sections

Your way of doing it has given me some good ideas, this is a useful subject for us all to discuss.

A.Surely as long as you have the policies and evidence readily available to answer any question asked by the CQC it doesn't really matter how it is stored.

Being in Denplan I used their publication for Denplan members of "An inspector calls volume 11 from 1 April 2015". I then just referred to previous compliance file and indicate that “previous outcomes are cross referenced to current changed regulations and then annotated accordingly.

I have found the Denplan information re CQC to be really excellent from the start.


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