Dental Nurse Recruitment 2015

Dental Nurse Recruitment 2015

Q.Just wondering if anyone in NW London area are finding it difficult to recruit for a dental nurse. 
I have advertised on gum tree and Indeed and there seems to be barely any response!!.

I have done this in the past and have never come across this situation.
Please let me know how you deal with your nurse recruitment needs. I would like to avoid using an agency if possible.  I have also contacted the local training college!

A.I am very surprised.  We have not had to hire a new nurse for about three years now.  In the past I found Gumtree to be very helpful.  Maybe it’s because we are getting close to holiday time.  I have heard the same complaint from other practices that they are finding it difficult to get trained qualified experienced nurses. 

A.I used BDJ and didn’t get a single response so I tried the universal job site (free) and had 19 apply. May be worth a try.


June 2015

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