Is it mandatory to have a defibrillator

Is it mandatory to have a defibrillator

Q. Is it now mandatory for a dental practice to have a defibrillator? If so, can anyone recommend a good company to purchase one from?

A.We have one purchased from a company called Martek. They keep us informed of “use by” dates for our replacement batteries and pads. Etc.

A.I've been to CQC course last month and they confirmed that practices must have it; however, in there guidelines, it says 'recommended'. We've bought it last year for the peace of mind through

A.Yes it is mandatory, very much so and it has to be checked every day to make sure that the battery is working properly

A.Try this link Not sure if they are a good company but prices seem reasonable

A.As far as I’m aware it’s now mandatory. We got ours online from Medisafe – the best price we could find, quick delivery and they stock all the accessories too.

A.If you look on the GDC website under Medical Emergencies it tells you: "Premises in which patients are seen clinically should have a defibrillator." Our PCT provided ours so it might be worth contacting your area team to see what they say. 

A.At our last Medical Emergency training, they had specified it was recommended. I imagine it will eventually become a must which will inevitably increase the cost of them. We bought one through a company called First Medical and they do training on it for you also.

A.Yes it is. We organised it through our med emergency training company

A.It is now mandatory. A lot of Area Teams will supply practices with one, but before this we used The Defib Shop.


November 2015

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