Problem with Prestidge vacuum autoclave

Problem with Prestidge vacuum autoclave

Q.Does your practice use a Prestige vacuum autoclave, do you find it reliable? We’ve been experiencing issues with ours since new and I wondered if other practices are experiencing the same?

A.We had a string of problems when our C3 first came to us. (We've had it 2 years now) The helix tests failed regularly and the door caused no end of problems until the whole interior door panel was changed. I had to learn basic engineering to lengthen the screws with an allen key every time I change the gasket. However, Prestige were helpful but it did take a long time to get things right.

A.We have had problems with our Prestige vacuum and non-vacuum autoclaves all the time – also the engineers are very slow to respond to calls for repairs. Incidentally we know that a tattoo shop in town also has theirs breaking down all the time!


February 2013

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