Receptionist daily, weekly and monthly checklist

Receptionist daily, weekly and monthly checklist

Q.I was wondering if anyone could email me a list (daily, weekly and monthly) of what they are asking their receptionist to do.   Ie a check list.  I am finding that some things are just not being done and because there’s no check list I don’t get to find out till its too late!!!

A.I feel your frustration as I find reception can become very sloppy if you don't keep tight reigns on it.

I get them to fill in weekly and monthly checklists covering duties such as recalls, second recalls, reminders, debt chasing, FTA's, incomplete treatments etc. They have to fill in the sheets and initial anything they have actioned with the date, they are kept in a file which I check on. Do you have a lead receptionist?, I appointed one as soon as I came to the practice, therefore you have somebody there who is responsible for ensuring these tasks are done. I also have a dry wipe monthly planner in reception so that tasks are set out on the calendar at specific times of the month, I get our lead receptionist to do this so she has to take responsibility for delegating, and this is refreshed at the beginning of each month.

We actually use the CODE description of reception duties and amend to fit what suits us


August 2015

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