Trainee Nurse Indemnity Insurance 2015

Trainee Nurse Indemnity Insurance 2015

Q.We have a trainee dental nurse starting at the practice, I’ve spoken with our principal dentist indemnity providers regarding her cover, they have advised that she will not be covered under his supervision/policy and they do not provide indemnity for trainees.

I spoke with GDC and they have advised me that the practice needs to provide indemnity cover for the trainee but the indemnity providers are refusing to do this.

Has anyone experienced this problem or what indemnity providers do you use that cover your trainee staff?

A.I am sure that ALL trainees are covered under Medical Defence and Dental Defence

A.We have 3 partners at the practice, two of them are with Dental Protection and one with MUD.

Dental Protection will add the qualified nurses to their policies and we to have trainee nurses that have been added but they have said because they are not qualified and are working under supervision they are not fully covered but added for advice only. They are due to follow up with an email explaining what this actually means, which I can send you when we receive it.

I suppose the next port of call would be advice from the college the trainee is attending.

It seems strange that the GDC are saying they do need indemnity if they are not the GDC register as yet.

A.If the trainee isn't GDC registered they don't have to have indemnity, but the supervising registrant must, as they are responsible for the students work. This is stated on GDC website on section on employing trainees! 

A.We take our trainees from our local university and they are covered from their course provider.

A.We have had trainees for years and never come across this.

Provided they are in an accredited approved training course and you have liability insurance then that’s all the training provider checks. 

I would suggest you check with the training company what insurance should be in place, as i say never had a problem, they can nurse as on course.

A.I believe that in situations of this nature, the individual must purchase her own indemnity cover, which is what associates and hygienists must do.  Hope this helps.  Can be expensive for a trainee.

October 2015

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