Translator services

Translator services

Q.Does anyone know where we can get information on how to obtain a translator for a Romanian patient? I have contacted NHS England and they have told us we have to find our own interpreter and then they will reimburse costs.

A.We use CITAS interpreting services 

A.Languageline. It's a telephone interpretor service.

A.We’re in Sheffield & have used SCAIS interpreter service on 0845 124 8889.  or

A. We use The Big word. Www.thebigword.comand they are excellent. 

A.Try Google translate app

A.I have a number for an interpreter = 0808 802 0202.  I have not used it in a while, so you need to check it is still valid.

A.We just Googled translation services in whichever is your local area, although we have never used this service you should have the detail available at reception as when cqc visit this could be a question they ask your reception staff, so all need to be aware of what to do and where to access.

A.Not sure if any help as we are in North Devon and it is several years since we used this service but I have attached the details.  We used them for a patient who was having sedation with us and they were very good. (Communications Support Guide for Patients can be found in the downloads section)

A.Depending on where your  practice is, there are a few organization in Cambridgeshire, try KnockHundred Translations 01544 388040 they may be able to help you.

A.This is who we use, we registered with them and they send you all the info and your access code.

It's free of charge as far as I'm aware.

A. Interpreter Services Can help with translation and interpreter services.

We can call them direct and they will invoice the Area Team if we use the service if it is for an NHS patient.

For a private patient the patient or the practice has to cover the costs.

Language Solutions Line 08001692879

Milton Keynes Council Community Language Services 01908253253

Signs in Vision (Sign Language Services) 077285792789

A. We have had issues involving translating and I have spoken to the company below. They can charge per minute! The name is language line.

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