Trial Shift

Trial Shift

Q.I am recruiting a new registered nurse and would like to offer the short listed candidates a 'trial shift' I've never done this before. How would I pay a candidate for their time? Do they need to be on the payroll?

A.We have had a couple in the past and paid them for their time out of Petty Cash

We pay the same rate we would as if we were going to employ them, so whatever you are offering

A.This was also new to me with the Practice I joined a year ago, but all we do is offer a 1/2 day to observe and see what the job entails and have a chat after to see if they are still keen, we then say to them that we have another candidate for a trial and we will be in touch soon, but we do not pay them, we have done this for a receptionist, nurse, Hyg and not getting paid has never been an issue.

A.We offer this type of taster session for both our dental and orthodontic recruitment but we don't pay. We take it as a sign of mutual interest and have never had an issue with someone wanting to be paid. 

A.We do currently do this with all new employees, although do not offer pay, instead if the candidate is successful, we will give time back in lieu. I suppose it depends on how long the shift is really.

November 2015

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