Does anyone use the DOCMAIL system to send out recalls. I am concerned about patient confidentiality issues and would love to know more if anyone is using this with dental management software such as Software of Excellence – is it as cheap as they advertise and is it effective?

Also does anyone currently use the Barclays PINGIT for Payments – this is an app added to mobile phones which enables your practice to receive payments via the mobile direct to your bank account.


We use the software of excellent sms text messaging service. It costs 8p per text you buy 1000 at a time. They invoice you direct when you have used them up so there is continuity of service. The texts go out automatically 48 hours previously (even over the weekend).

You have to ensure that you have the patients mobile numbers ticked on the patient detail screen ( next to phone numbers). If you wish to send a message to a home number you have to have the patients consent (we usually ask them to write this on the top of their record card. ) otherwise there could be a breach of confidentiality.

We only use this for appointment reminders not recalls.


We use Kodak R4 and I have experience with Exact and Orthotrak. When new patients complete their medical history forms (and existing patients update their medical history) we have incorporated a box on the form they can tick if they don’t want this form of recall or telephone reminders. It therefore covers the practice with reminders as well as we tend to send out 24 hours before the appointment a reminder text of their appointment, or in some cases, telephone them. I wouldn’t say it’s a great advertising tool. If anything, it’s made patients more aware of my presence as I am the one who calls to remind.

So we can keep track of payments, we do not use any software that allows direct payment. Only one or two patients who request to pay electronically are given the bank details and asked to send an email to confirm payment. This way it is easier to monitor.


May 2012

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